Tótó tasting, with AnTOnio Madeira and AnTOnio Marques da Cruz

11 Dez, 18h

Next date: to be announced

Monday, 11th December, at 6pm
Garagem d’Os Goliardos, Rua General Taborda 91, Campolide
With these two, only those who don’t sign up are Tótó (=Nerds)!

Seats reserved, €10/person paid by mbway or transfer
Tasting offered to professionals who already work with Os Goliardos
On the day of the tasting, all wines from the producers on the tasting list will receive a 15% discount.
Booking required for golias.goliardos@gmail.com
In the event of cancellation, please inform us 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the price cannot be refunded.

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