Vinho ao Vivo 2019, Terroir Wine Festival

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European Terroir Wine Festival
35 european wine producers
July 6th and 7th
from 19h00 to 24h00
Restaurant Á Margem, Belém, Lisbon

During this 10th edition of the European Terroir Wine Festival, we will bring together 35 independent european producers who will make you discover their goliardic wines. Wines with their distinctive features, audacity, perfection. The event will take place in the stunning outdoor setting of the river Tagus, in “À Margem” located in Belém. Jazz, classic and world music will be part of the event. The wines tasted will be for sale at the event, and can be delivered at your home in Lisbon or send anywhere else.

Vinho ao Vivo is an independent event, organized in partnership with the wine cellar “Os Goliardos” and the restaurant “Á Margem”. It came up thanks to the long friendship between both managers, Tiago Gamboa and Pedro Vaz for “Á Margem” and Silvia Bastos and Nadir Bensmail for “Os Goliardos”. Positive meetings made us want to make an exceptional annual event, with a warm and festive atmosphere, with producers who are fascinated by wine and who fascinated us as well.

All of the selected producers are commercialized/imported by “Os Goliardos” in Portugal, which is also in charge of the wine selection for “Á Margem”. Managers have selected these authentic wines based on different criteria thanks to the visits they did to these producers.

Producers will be located along the quay, just in front of “Á Margem”. Each participant will receive a glass to taste the wines offered by each producer, get to know his project and terroir. Live music will take place in different moments of each evening, and each evening will end with a concert of varied music. Live cooking will prepare different specialties for you.

A rigorous selection of independent producers that operate with respect their vineyards, in harmony with local culture, tradition and history. Producers that share the idea of wines without artificial products, made in a traditional and authentic way, with identity, talent and ethic. The selection of these wines is made by “Os Goliardos”, thanks to 10 years of visiting vineyards and producers from all around Europe. During one decade, they’ve earned a great knowledge about the work in vineyards and cellars.
The objective is to promote the wine culture including human heritage, with people who takes care about their “terroir”. The past generations left these insights to the people that take care of their lands today.
Vinho ao Vivo is not an event which deals with brands and national standards, it’s about sharing cultures and experiences with people who are passionate with wines. Moreover, it establishes a dialogue between connoisseurs and professionals from different European countries, the Old Continent where wine is a symbol ALIVE and inherent of its history.
Producers who are there are open-minded, who share their state of mind in a collective and human way, and always with a reflection about their lands. They are independent, most of them are cultivating small fields, with famous names or not, but a lot of them are dealing with biologic agriculture and biodynamic.
All of them are full of talent and passionate by their work.

LIST 2019
Monte da Casteleja (Algarve)
Adega regional de Colares / Viuva Gomes
Casal Figueira (Lisboa, Montejunto)
Vale da Capucha (Lisboa, Torres Vedras)
Cortém (Caldas da Raínha)
Humus (Lisboa, Caldas da Raínha)
Quinta da Serradinha (Lisboa, Leiria) /COZ’s
Quinta do Mouro (Alentejo)
Dominó (Alentejo e regiões várias)
Quinta das Bágeiras (Bairrada)
Tiago Teles (Bairrada | Vinho Verde) / COZ’s
João Tavares de Pina (Dão)
Quinta da Pellada (Dão)
António Madeira (Dão)
Quinta da Palmirinha (Vinho Verde)
Aphros (Vinho verde)
Quinta do Infantado (Douro)
Val Figueira (Douro)
Mateus Nicolau Almeida (Douro)
Emilio Hidalgo (Jerez)
Alvar de Dios (Toro)
Tentenublo (Rioja)
Jean-Louis Tribouley (Roussillon)
Elian Da Ros (Marmandais)
Chevalerie (Loire)
Pierre Frick (Alsácia)
Lucas Rieffel (Alsácia)
Eric Texier (Rhône)
Entrefaux (Rhône, Crozes-hermitage)
Giachino (Savoie)
Melsheimer (Mosel)
Immich Batterieberg (Mosel)
Cantina G Rinaldi (Barolo)
Bera (Piemonte)
Fonterenza (Toscana, Montalcino)
Cantina Giardino (Campania)
Radikon (Friuli)

A special selection about music is made in order to create the perfect atmosphere. Wine is part of our heritage, that’s why it should be enhance by nice musical notes.
Many times this selection is announced with delay or is even a surprise as it should never be put in the foreground.
But we can guarantee that is going to be the icing on the cake!

The restaurant “Á Margem” will have a special menu every day for the ones who want to eat, more or less heavy depending on individual’s tastes. There will be cookers, who are going to cook in live, preparing their own recipes in order to share their talent with you.
The food is not included with your entrance.

You can purchase your tickets at the entrance of the event entry or already online through the link

1 day ticket
Presale I (30% discount) – up 31/05 – 17,5€
Presale II (20% discount) – from 01/06 to 20/06 – 20€
Full price – after 21/06 – 25 €

2 days ticket
Presale I (40% discount) – Up to 31/05 – 24 €
Presale II (20% discount) – From 01/06 to 20/06 – € 32
Full price – after 21/06 – 40 €

Sílvia Mourão Bastos: (+) 351 96 888 15 30

FACEBOOK : vinhoaovivo
Nadir Bensmail: (+) 351 96 20 22 24 2

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