De Moor

Alice et Olivier De Moor

We are easily surrendered to the sensitivity and human quality of Alice and Olivier, discreet characters at first sight, passionate and profound who created a confidential production that moves us. It was in 1989 the beginning of this project when Olivier converted the family groves and orchards into vineyards (0.5 ha), a heritage that has always been widened in Courgis with another 2.5 ha of vineyards and at a later stage with vineyards in Chitry and in the Bourgogne aligoté area to reach approximately 7 ha today. The wines are the result of intense work and without chemicals in the vineyard, of natural vinification in wood of different volumes, in the idea of ​​bringing out the nuances of the land, the year and the mood of its parent. Olivier considers his terrain to be sometimes caricatural but he finds himself in the expression they convey. He is more in the vineyard and Alice more in the cellar but all the work and decisions are shared and matured together. From the tasty Aligoté to the Chablis (Humeur du Temps, Clardys, Rosette) passing through the Bourgogne Chitry, each wine deserves a dedicated attention as well as the investment of the producers to give birth to these wines, unfortunately in limited quantities. With some very difficult harvests, the De Moor were helped by producer friends from other areas and regions, who promptly offered to sell them grapes from their qualitative production so that they could overcome the times when the skies do not help. This is how the “Le vendangeur masqué” (translation: the masked grape-picker) came into being, in which the De Moor reveal their ability to vinify grapes completely different from what they have ever produced and the results are absolutely surprising. Wines always with a touch of austerity and unusual precision.

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