Domaine Da Ros – Sandrine Farrugia

Sandrine et Elian Da Ros

Elian Da Ros, a charismatic and generous character who represents the warm side of the French Southwest well, graduated from an emblematic producer in Alsace (Leonard Humbrecht) and decided to create the farm in 1997, recovering the 21 ha of vineyards that his father cultivated for deliver the grapes to the local cooperative. The internships in the North of France gave him a taste for soft, airy wines and his winemaking seeks to guide the aromatic expression of the year, rigorously but without much intervention, applying since 2002 the principles of biodynamic agriculture. The vineyards are located in a hidden area between Bordeaux and Cahors, «les Côteaux du Marmandais» have soils similar to those of Bordeaux with a mixture of clay with rounded corners and limestone. All wines benefit from a long aging, mainly in used casks or barrels, some in cement tanks. The tasty Coucou blanc results from an intense and singular expression of the two Sauvignon blanc and gris and Semillon, in reds Le vin est une fête sums up the light and festive purpose of the wine by name, Abouriou is a unique wine made with the local Abouriou variety , in semi-carbonic maceration, Outre Rouge is the fruit of 3 techniques of direct pressing, vat bleeding and carbonic maceration of the varieties Abouriou (dominant), Malbec, Cabernet-Franc and Syrah, Le vignoble d’Elian is made with a dominant de Cabernet-Franc, Elian’s apparticated grape variety (Merlot and Syrah in addition) in a firmer and more delicate style and Clos Baquey seeks a higher depth and fineness where the Cabernet-sauvignon variety appears significantly in the blend while in Chante Coucou the Merlot is dominant with a complement of Malbec and Cabernet-sauvignon. Elian and Sandrine perpetuate the warm tradition of Gascony, with a sense of sharing and help and are a generous spokesman for wines from Marmandais and the Southwest in general.

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