Domaine Pierre Gonon

Pierre et Jean Gonon

The brothers Pierre and Jean run the family farm with 7.5 ha of vineyards located on the best slopes of Mauves, Tournon and Saint-Jean de Muzols, an abrupt landscape that requires the use of the horse and a dry and muscular physique. True vignerons who live in the vineyard and the vineyard, Pierre and Jean try to make wines that respect the local style but also making some options that break with previous generations. Natural work of the vine, plowed, eventually enriched with organic fertilizers. They have 2 ha of vines with the white varieties Roussanne (20%) and Marsanne (80%), each participating in the final blend due to its characteristics: Roussanne round and fragrant, Marsanne structured and long. White wine fermented with indigenous yeasts, aged on its wooden lias for 1 year, was neither pasted nor filtered. For reds, 5.5 ha of vineyards of the Syrah variety, with low yields between 30 and 38 hl / ha, with a planting density ranging between 6 000 and 9 000 feet / ha. Depending on the years, the wine is partially destemmed, aged between 14 and 16 months in casks and rafts. Our first meeting with Pierre and Jean in 2005 left us with good memories, for the simplicity and generosity. Since then, they are part of our mandatory tickets in the region. Like chez Gonon meetings, wines evolve delightfully.

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