Eric Texier

Laurence e Eric Texier

Eric Texier, a training engineer, began to take an interest in wine when he received an inheritance in wines that led him to become a passionate amateur, until he became a convinced producer. In search of the best sites and vineyards with great potential, he decided to create a flying producer activity, vinifying 3 regions: North Rhône, South Rhône and South Burgundy always in tomorrow’s plots without chemicals and vinified grapes with a minimum of corrective interventions. At the same time, he is not one of those who succumb to the fashion of wines without sulfur dioxide and believes in balance in the vineyard and in winemaking. His passion made him reveal the forgotten terroir of Brézème and chose the best plots on the Côtes du Rhône to create unique cuvées. Marked by the wines of Burgundy and by the old wines produced in the Côte rôtie and in Saint-Joseph, by Marius Gentaz or Marcel dervieux for example, it privileges delicate and not very massive wines, with smooth vinifications. As a wine lover, he is active in promoting and reflecting on the world of terroir wines, in an open, direct and scientific spirit. With Laurence, it is a duo that also knows how to boost collectives, share, help colleagues in difficulty, debate lively and experience wine in a militant way.

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