G. Rinaldi

Beppe, Marta e Carlotta Rinaldi

Beppe Rinaldi is an essential reference for Barolo lovers, not only for the uniqueness of their wines but also for the poetry of life that transmits, with a subtle theatrical presence in an absent tone, a sensitive reflection that is freed up in conversation and in the glass. With 7 ha of vineyards, of which 4 are dedicated to the Nebbiolo of the Barolo Denomination of origin, this farm that produces only 30,000 bottles is a myth for wine lovers. Beppe, a radical fan of a classic Barolo, does not accept oak barrels and vinifies his wines in large Slovenian oak barrels with very long macerations. The two daughters joined their father in production, Carlotta focuses more on the vineyards, where he finds peace in the noise of Barolo and Marta is more in the cellar, with a youthful, unstoppable and determined dynamism, equally dreamy and activist defender of a world of wine with ethics and humanism. His wines reveal their race with aging and he doesn’t like the words «fruity» and «ready»: he usually says «I wish my wines were never ready …». The Rinaldi winery is a library of bottles from all the vineyards they passed through and from friends with whom they share a passion for wine that is not too prosaic, with armchairs made from barrels, where a sign reads “the best use of the barrel” .

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