Quinta da Palmirinha

Fernando Paiva
Vinho Verde | Minho

Quinta da Palmirinha is located near Amarante, in the Sousa Valley, with only 3ha of surface and is the only producer in certified biodynamic agriculture in Portugal. It would be easier to imagine that he was a young freak in love with natural wines, but no. When he retired from teaching, Fernando Paiva decided to dedicate himself to family vineyards in the Amarante area and through conferences it seemed interesting to start working in biodynamics. History teacher, tells few stories, cultivates a discreet and moderate attitude in the nascent natural euphoria. It promotes agrobiological practices in a rigorous and pragmatic approach, it cultivates the vine since its reform in a biodynamic way without proclaiming it. The vineyards of Loureiro, Pedernã (Arinto), Azal and Vinhão are fertilized by the happy chickens in very soft soils that are disappearing due to attacks by predators until the grapes are ready. Recently, he started to experiment with substituting sulfur dioxide with chestnut flower, with surprising results. We may be facing a revolutionary discovery, but one that Fernando shares with everyone without claiming laurels. The wines are direct and firm, floral or acidic, with the expression of the soils where a beautiful life is felt.

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