Riss Catherine


From a family of cooks, Catherine Riss was not predestined to become a wine producer, although gastronomy and wine are in complementary and converging areas. Graduated in viticulture and oenology, after internships in Burgundy and the Rhone, Catherine decided to settle for 1.2 ha initially near Lucas Rieffel, a cellar where she started winemaking, supporting Lucas at the same time. With the help of Lucas and Antoine Kreydenweiss, she developed her production a little more and found a winery in 2015 in Bernardvillé. Today she cultivates 4.23 ha (Riesling, Pinot noir, Sylvaner, Pinot blanc, Auxerrois, Gewurztraminer) at the foot of Mount Ungersberg, in a cooler valley than in Mittelbergheim (Rieffel) or Andlau (Kreydenweiss), with two types of land: very sandy and friable grès in the Reichsfeld area and blue schist in the raw Schieferberg. The vineyards are grown in organic farming (certified since 2015) with low average yields for the region (35 hl / ha) and in Catherine winemaking, it seeks mineral extraction and a dry balance, with stages in used barrels and very moderate use of sulfur dioxide.

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