Sílvia Bastos e Nadir Bensmail

From so much tasting, the desire to plant sprouted. It was in 2015 that Nadir and Sílvia, after 10 years in Goliardos and a year in Barolo working in the vineyard and winery, set out to plant 1 ha of vineyard in Moreiras Grandes, the Ribatejo village of Sílvia’s grandparents, between Torres Novas and Tomar, where the climate is Mediterranean, typical of the Tejo region. Dry climate, with very high temperature ranges day and night, and the limestone soils at the foot of the Serra d’Aire, are characteristic of the Lisboa region. Researching here and there, they tried to plant like the ancient vines of the region: in pots, with high density, grafting in the field, and a mixture of grape varieties that practically ceased to exist in the region. Gradually, several producer friends, goliardos and Tatis joined the plantation, making it a collective project, and also took care of old vines in the region. In the family cellar that has been dormant for 40 years, they test vinifications, oxidations, overmaturation, high interventions, and not so catholic stages, with or without veil, that better reveal this historic and forgotten terroir of central Portugal, important in medieval times associated with convents Cistercians and the Templars. In 2022, the first Tomaralmá wines are finally launched, the first name of the city of Tomar, the city where Sílvia’s grandfather sold his wines, and which means “date water” in Arabic. The call to make wine after so many years visiting producers has become an addictive pleasure, sometimes exhausting, hand to hand with nature and origins, in a house of fresh water.

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