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Stefan Vetter

Stefan Vetter is part of the latest generation of wine-producing monks: physically strong, reserved and subtle in expression, introspective and in a refined mood, he wants to reveal what is beneath the ground and uses the ill-loved Sylvaner grape that lives, whether as a main instrument in Germany and in Alsace, in the shadow of the most exuberant Riesling. Located in Franconia, in the north of Bavaria, an extreme viticulture area as it is on the eastern edge of vine cultivation in Germany where only the Sylvaner grape variety reaches the desired maturity to produce consistent wines. Organically cultivates 4 ha of vineyards, divided into Castell (its first vineyard), 60 km from Gambach in a Keuper limestone soil, and in Gambach, where it also vinifies, essentially with terraced vineyards, which are increasingly rare in Franconia divided into calcareous and sandy soils that change very quickly along these vineyards and 2 plots in flatter areas behind the village.
He believes that the Sylvaner variety is an excellent magnifying glass to reveal the nuances of soils, although it also cultivates Muller Thurgau, Riesling and Spatburgunder (to produce rosé and red) in addition. His study in Sylvaner leads him to make wines according to the soil in the terraced vineyards, distinguished in Sylvaner Muschelkalk (for limestone origin) and Sylvaner Sandstein (of sandy origin), and also to experience maceration in Schale, Stiel & Stengel which ferment in maceration for 20 months. All wines age mainly in used wood of different volumes for 18 to 24 months. In addition to the grapes, Stefan grows a fortnight of old apple varieties and masterfully produces an “Apfelsecco” cider that you drink, not only to quench your thirst but also to accompany unappetizing snacks and desserts.

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