Victoria Torres Pecis

Victoria Matias i Torres

This Canarinha, with Andean features, reveals that the Canaries are a land displaced on the wine map, a crossroads of Africa, the continent closest geographically, Europe and America. Victoria has a special sensitivity and a rare determination, a condition to continue her volcanic path of making wines alone and isolated on the westernmost island of the archipelago, eager to exchange and learn from others, continuing her father’s work, with a personal approach , seeking to reveal the different terroirs of your island, from the southernmost areas of black volcanic lands to schist terraces in the Northwest. Old vineyards all in open standing with a diversity of indigenous grape varieties such as Diego, Albillo criollo, Listan Blanco, Listan Prieto, as is typical of the Canaries, to make whites, reds and naturally sweet wine with Malvasia. Exciting wines, as well as the thrill of getting to know Vicky and her lands better. The father’s memory is so present in his reflections and practices that the wine that emerges from his hands is a fusion of two people closely linked.

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