Jose Blanco Romero

Fernando Blanco Martinez, already experienced in vine growing since 1960, started his own small production in 1980 in a veritable garage cellar in Bairro Alto of Sanlucar de Barrameda. It progressively acquired vineyards in historic estates such as Macharnudo, Aniña at “Finca Mercedes” in the interior of Jerez, Callejuela and Hornillos closer to the sea, adding 28 ha of vineyards in total. In 1997, he installed the Bodega in Hornillo, one of the highest areas of the city from where the view of the Gualdalquivir and the different places is unusual. The Callejuela brand was finally born in 1998 under the leadership of the children Pepe and Paco, who represent the 3rd generation of the Blanquitos, and the first wine appears in 2005, because in Jerez, wines like the stages take time and do not reveal themselves easily. The Blanco family likes to call themselves Mayetos, people who have been dedicated to cultivating the vines for 60 years, covering all the vineyards, contributing to the value of the unique Jerez wine, but who sold grapes or fermented wine to wineries that they were going to train and bottle the wines. The wines show both the potency of the Pais of Jerez and the saltiest fineness of the Manzanillas, in a classic style that reflects the origins. Recently the two Mayetos are successfully exploiting the potential of Palomino fine in dry white without fortification and the world of Jerez seems to us to be getting wider…

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