Clemens Busch

Rita & Clemens Busch

Rita and Clemens Busch cultivate 16 ha of vineyards in Punderich in organic farming and the largest vineyard, Marienburg, located on the opposite bank of the village, from where a panorama is seen at the same time austere by the visible rock and serene by the slow flow of the river in this Mosel’s arm. Rita and Clemens represent the 5th generation to lead this farm, which was a pioneer in biological (since 1984) and biodynamic (in the early 2000s) conduction
Located in Pünderich, the vineyards are on the separation line between the Mittel Mosel and the low Mosel, in an area with imposing cliffs and a wild landscape with a unique geology based on volcanic formations that mix the three colors of shale (blue, red and gray) ) around the cru called Marienburg. After a bureaucratic decision by the German federal government that was widely criticized in 1971 to fail to distinguish the different nuances of the raw Marienburg, historically contained in an area of ​​23 ha, which was extended to 90 ha including low qualitative flat areas, Clemens strove instead to distinguish within Marienburg distinct sub-zones identified today under the names Fahrlay, Falkenlay, Rothenpfad, Felsterrasse, and Raffes and to define wines according to the prevailing types of shale.

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