Thorsten Melsheimer

Thorsten Melsheimer grows 12 ha of vineyards around the village of Reil in the Mittel Mosel, with 8 ha located on the famous hillside called Mullay-Hofberg, dawned in organic farming since 1995 (something very rare in the region) and in biodynamics since 2013 and 4 ha from another from the river in the less steep Goldlay vineyard. As he says: a single soil, a single variety and a single valley can give the feeling that producing at Mosel is monotone. But since 1995, he decided to embrace organic farming and explore various ways of making wine, human growth, biodiversity and wines has been the best adventure on a personal, family and environmental level. It produces both sparkling and white wines, in a freer and more natural style than most producers in the area. Its very cool cellar allows very slow fermentations without risking the volatile acidity due to the acidity of the wines, favoring long-stage wines (Lentum) and sparkling wines from the ancestral (Rural) method of fine bubble. Molun wine is a tribute to the Latin name of the Mullay Hofberg vineyard, which was identified in a donation for the first time in 1143. Selection of the best parts of Mullay Hofberg, the wine makes malolactic fermentation, which gives it a less strained style than usual German riesling. The sensitivity and attention to details of nature confronted with a family tradition that knows how to evolve give Melsheimer’s wines a very special ethical and artisanal dimension.

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