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Vincent Gaudry

Currently updatingVincent Gaudry is an atypical character of Sancerre, due to his natural options and independence of spirit, within a region that for years lived comfortably due to its proximity to the capital where the Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir de Sancerre flowed in high restaurants. and in the bistrots, like Chablis wines.

He pioneered the application of the principles of biodynamic cultivation in 2004 in a region that is traditionally unnatural in agriculture. We discovered this producer in June 2017, on a memorable visit with Portuguese, Italian and Galician producers and professionals, his wines seduced us by his free and precise expression, compared to so many varietal and blocked wines from the area. With a physical relationship with the vines, Vincent gave us his demonstration: when we passed the vines after the tasting and wanted to illustrate the sensitivity of the plants, he twisted the skin of Paolo, our Italian producer friend who was visiting with us, demonstrate that, if it hurt him, he could imagine that the severe cuts in the sticks could not do the plant any good either. We all found the demonstration hilarious except Paolo, a victim of that producer who does not hesitate to use visitors as guinea pigs.

The wines produced correspond to the different soils and age of the vineyards:

– Tournebride presents the mixture of the 3 different types of soils found in Sancerre: silex with an elevated iron component, caillottes that are friable limestones, and limestone clay with a fleshy layer of clay on top of a base of limestone slabs.

– Mélodie de vieilles vignes that comes from an old selection of an old Sauvignon called Fief sauvignon grown on white marl soil

– Constellation of the scorpion which was where he started to follow the biodynamic principles in a silex soil and in a vineyard surrounded by forest. In addition to its whites, which make up 90% of the production, it is widely recognized for the Pinot noir produced, unfortunately in small quantities but perhaps in the future we will also be able to publicize them …

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