HM Borges

Helena Borges

Company created in 1877 by Henrique Menezes Borges, still familiar today and managed by the fourth generation with the female duo of the two sisters Helena and Isabel Borges, supported by the winemaker and cellar chef Ivo Couto. The Madeira of this house, produced in the so-called noble range of 10 years and 15 years, are able to restore the fine acidity of this wine in the best way, whether in the drier range of the Sercial, where liveliness is most expected, as in the sweeter ones like Malvasia, that have a surprising freshness-sweetness balance. This producer favors a dry style where no attempt is made to soften wines with sweet wood, and reflects in his wines the uniqueness of each variety, with a persistence in the mouth that makes them memorable.

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