Alberto Nanclares

Alberto Nanclares, a Riojano and training economist, worked at a multinational before buying a house in Cambados that had 1 ha of vines … and that’s how he now cultivates 2.2 ha of vineyards in the Salnès area to produce whites naturally with the search for salty minerality and the freshness of the wines of this area. 12 vineyards separated from the Albariño variety make up this farm with an age between 30 and 100 years. Viticulture follows the principles of biodynamics and in 2015 the conversion reached 7 out of 12 cultivated vineyards. The wines are vinified in stainless steel or wood (with volume from 400 to 2000 l and wood used for a minimum of 5 years) and the objective is to accompany the work done in the vineyard in the cellar, allowing fermentations to start naturally and using little sulfur to protect the wines. wines. Alberto Nanclares is a wine from 2 vineyards called Castrelo and Padrenda, half vinified in stainless steel and the other half in 2,000 l casks. The Soverribas wine comes from the Viña Manzaniña, fermented and aged in a 2,000l vat with a prolonged aging in stainless steel. Alberto’s wines (now also from Silvia Prieto) are wines that reveal themselves step by step as the person, attentive to details and observant. Pure and beautiful wines from a perfectionist producer looking to do even better.

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