Nicolas Maillet

Nicolas Maillet

Trained in oenology and viticulture, Nicolas resells his peasant fiber, illustrated by the history of the Maillet family who sold grapes to the local cooperative until 1999, like most of the local viticulturists in Verzé where, in the early 2000s, there were 22 winegrowers a cultivate 250 ha of vineyards and where there were only 2 winegrowers-bottlers. Today Nicolas grows 7 ha of vineyards, with 12 plots mainly in Verzé (11) and one in Igé, planted mainly with Chardonnay (4ha), the rest split between Aligoté, Gamay and Pinot noir. The vines have been brought up in certified organic farming since 2011 and all replantations are made from mass selection of very old vines. White wines ferment slowly (up to 8-9 months) in coated iron vats while the red wines age in used wood. Nicolas gained a justified fame for his Aligoté, which places this variety on a level of quality similar to Chardonnay when grown with low yields and from beautiful mass selections. The Mâcon Verzé produced from Chardonnay complete the range of whites and reveal in the vineyards as Le Chemin blanc, an old parcel on a soil of blue «marnes», the beautiful expressions of Mâconnais and Burgundy «tout court».

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