Valli Unite

Enrico, Cesare e Ottavio

Valli Unite is the fruit of the dream of 3 friends, Enrico, Cesare and Ottavio, who did not want to see the childhood field disappear, preventing them from producing and living there. Each one brought their family history and knowledge to bring together different facets of agricultural production, from animal husbandry to the production of cereals and salami, passing through wine, initially marginal that now takes a preponderant place. We are in the southeast of Piedmont towards Liguria and the varieties change with the appearance of white Timorasso, of Croatian red. The wines reflect this peasant dimension that is often lacking today in wine production because it expresses the history of a territory through wines that have different functions and moments and give access to genuine flavors from a cared and promoted area by this exemplary cooperative.

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