Domaine Chamonard

Jean-Claude Chanudet

Farm with only 4.5 ha of vineyards (0.5 ha in PDO Fleurie and 4 ha in PDO Morgon) which gained fame in the 1960s when Geneviève’s father, Joseph Chamonard, was one of the few not to join chemical agriculture and bottled the entire production in 1965.

Jean-Claude, husband of Geneviève and with the wedge of “Chat” (Gato) was in his juvnetude a “touche-à-tout”, used to say that “his freedom is not to have learned any profession in the end to know how to do it enough things ”. He traveled frantically in his youth, a lot in Africa, often with his friend Marcel Lapierre, great ambassador for natural wines in the world, and even in Australia where he was a seller of “crepes”. It was in 1985 that he decided to settle down in Morgon and naturally worked in the spirit of his father-in-law, benefiting from his experience as a very well-kept heritage of old vines between 50 and 100 years old, planted in granitic soil where the Gamay variety can give wines of guard, aromatic complexes and reflection of soil nuances.

This couple guarantees laughter and irony. He says that when his Morgon is not up to his expectations, he disqualified him from Romanée-Conti … When they need a laugh and good wine, join them!

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