Quinta da Muradella

Jose-Luis Mateo

José Luis thrills us with his pure and humble nature. He makes extraordinary wines with passion and extreme dedication, in his corner, with scarce means, sometimes without hands to do the job. It cultivates 14 hectares of vineyards but manages a total of 24 hectares of vineyards in the Verin area, in a climate between Atlantic and continental with humidity and extreme temperatures. Tomorrow 34 plots in organic farming, planted in granite and schist terrain, located in different sites of the Monterrei Denomination of Origin. He explains his work saying that he does not intend to obtain anything from this area that is not the result of the surroundings, the local history and its socio-cultural tradition. He adds that in its denomination, a single harvest cannot accurately reflect the “terroir”, because a vintage is a fixed photograph while the terroir appears through a repetition of harvests that draw its particularities. He started in 1991 with the aim of recovering the wine-growing traditions of the area, being a faithful and loving defender of forgotten grape varieties and some almost disappeared as Doña Blanca, Zamarrica, Monstruosa de Monterrey, Tinto seródio or Verdelho red … Wines with very special character, with an extraordinary route, only possible by the determined character of Mateo. Normales y corrientes wines, as he defines them!

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