Pablo Soldavini

Pablo Soldavini

Saíñas is a winery that has produced bottled wines since the early 1990s. In 2018, Pablo Soldavini, who left Fedellos do Couto, was called by owner Javier Fernandez, who died unexpectedly in Spring 2020, to renew his practices a little and give a new breath in the vineyards and wines, creating a range of free and terroir wines. The winery cultivates 6 ha of its own vineyards, enough for the Ribeira Sacra, in different parcels around Pantón, in the Ribeiras do Sil sub-area, where Pablo invests in priority in the older ones with more mixed varieties such as Mencia, Garnacha tintoreira, Mouratón, Brancellão, Caiño and in an organic viticulture. The wines naturally ferment in 1000 liters vats opened with the stemms, before aging in wood of different volumes, between 225 and 400 liters. The first wines that came out present a fleshy, dense material, which needs to be refined in bottle, to reveal deep wines, of great balance and fluidity.

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