Fedellos do Couto – Peixe

Pablo e Jesus

Had it not been for the white cunt (Conas Brancas), perhaps the Fedellos would not have aroused such curiosity. In these sacred gorges between Rio Miño and Rio Sil, they dared to bet on white and recover abandoned black sheep such as Merenzão (or Bastarda), Mouratón (Garnacha tintorera), Caiño long and Caiño round, according to their tastes, to give light to wines of merry sin, without the weight of schist guilt or Mencia’s monologue or the porosity of granite. They produce several reds: Cortezada made essentially with Mencia in a vineyard in the Ribeira do Sil exposed to the North and Northeast, Lomba dos Ares, originating in the Val de Bibei, in a granitic soil in a transition zone with schist soil, at 750m meters with a blend the various red and white grape varieties (where the white Cones come from too) and Bastarda with grapes from various granitic vineyards in the Valleys of Bibei and Sil. The wines naturally ferment and age mainly in 500 liter barrels, without destemming the reds.

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