Sasa & Simona Radikon

Emblematic farm in Friuli, in this region that is at the crossroads of Slavic, Mediterranean and Germanic cultures and a mixture of climatic influence from the Adriatic and the Alps. It is an area that was in short intervals Austrian, Yugoslav, Italian and that now still has the marks of this mixed history. The Radikon family is also unique, due to the remarkable personality of Stanko Radikon, who died prematurely 2 years ago, for the wines out of time that the winery creates as for the definition of a unique style. The vines planted in a mineral soil called “ponka” are located in the “Collio goriziano” and exposed to the South – Southeast, cultivated in a natural way. White wines produced with Ribolla gialla, Pinot gris, Sauvignon, Tokay grape varieties macerate for weeks until the end of malolactic fermentation and age for at least 4 years in a 2500-3000 liter vat before being bottled without filtration when they appear domesticated. Sacha, the son, who now accompanies Simona in family production, develops a wine called Linea S that has a shorter maceration and a less long aging period of 18 months. They are intense wines, which introduce into an atypical universe by the majority and that sometimes ask for patience, rewarded when the bottle reveals itself in its fullness and celebrates the slow time.

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