Thomas Batardiere

Thomas Batardiere

Thomas, who studied anthropology, is a producer recently installed in the lands of Rablay du Layon, next to the great Richard Leroy, happy to see young people animate and reinforce the resistant Gallic wine villages with new energies. He found old Chenin vineyards in 2011-2012 and decided after training in Beaune and interned with Matthieu Vallée in Saumur to dedicate himself to his own production. Installed in 2012 with 2 ha of vineyards, it progressively increased to 4 ha of cultivated crops, 3.5 ha of chenin in Rablay et Faye d’Anjou, 0.5 ha of grolleau and 0.13 ha of centenary cabernet franc. The vines are dawned from the beginning according to biodynamic principles. A large part of the vineyards are located on schist slopes, with sandy soils where more schistous areas and others with grains alternate, and although they are poor soils, the clayey subsoil generally allows good water supply for the vineyards. The vinifications are essentially made in stainless steel, most of them without SO2 without being a dogma, with the stages also in stainless steel, to avoid the flavors of wood that Thomas does not particularly appreciate. In case of eventual filtration, he adds 1 g of sulfur dioxide to protect the wines.

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