Viúva Gomes

José Baeta

The Baeta family, originally from Sintra, bought Viúva Gomes in late 1988 and invested in the recovery of the company by managing a stock of old wines and creating and launching new harvests of Colares wines, which continue to be vinified by Colares Regional Winery.
Viúva Gomes has evolved lately with the arrival of the son Diogo to work with his father José, moving from an entity that historically aged wines to a vitivinifier with work in a vineyard of great importance for the preservation of a historic vineyard and with unmanaged winemaking in order to respect as much as possible a terroir as special as that of Colares and surrounding areas.
At the moment, they are dealing with 6 small plots between Fontanelas and Magoito, some from sand and some from limestone, two of them planted ungrafted, and one of which is centenary.
They have 2 main ranges:
Viúva Gomes, historical wines: a part of old vintages, aged in the Viúva Gomes cellar, with the traditional Ramiscos in Pé Franco and Areia sand floor, and another part of more recent vintages, made in partnership with the Adega Regional de Colares, where part of the winemaking took place, accompanied by Diogo Baeta and another part made at Adega Viúva Gomes. After fermentation, the wines are blended in the Adega Viúva Gomes where they are aged.
Pirata da Viúva, his own project: grapes from his own vineyards in the areas of Fontanelas and Magoito, conducted in organic farming, some recently planted in free standing, others already old if not centuries old. A complement is made with a part of grapes purchased from winegrowers in the region without using herbicides, knowing that in the future only own grapes will be used. Since now, Viuva Gomes has full responsibility for the winemaking, carried out in its cellar, made by hand and without adding exogenous products in order to achieve a maximum expression of the terroir.
Today, Viúva Gomes can be proud of having well-preserved old wines until the 1934 harvest, which are a unique testimony to the nobility of the wines produced in sand with the indigenous varieties Ramisco and Malvasia, and at the same time creating a future for this region. The new course of Viúva Gomes, with handcrafted and natural viticulture and winemaking work, respecting ancestral practices, gives new life to this heritage that seemed to be on the verge of extinction.

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