Viúva Gomes

José Baeta

The Baeta family, originally from Sintra, bought Viúva Gomes at the end of 1988 and invested in the recovery of the company by managing a stock of old wines and creating and launching new harvests of Colares wines, which continue to be vinified by Adega Regional of Colares. Today Viúva Gomes has a capacity of 105,000 liters of wine and can be proud of having old wines until the 1931 harvest that are well preserved, which are a unique testimony of the nobility of the wines produced in Chão de sand with the Ramisco indigenous varieties (in reds) and Malvasia (in whites). They are light wines in alcohol, fresh and with firm tannins, with aromas of forest, leaf, mint and touches of iodized and salty in the mouth. Wines considered today a bit anachronistic, intended for lovers of Baroque wines, which come out of the homogenization that a certain oenological modernity has imprinted on Portuguese wines, and which constitute a heritage to be duly estimated.

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