António Marques da Cruz e Tiago Teles

Tiago Teles wants to occupy the Portuguese Atlantic coast and leave wine marks of his frantic activity and found in António Marques da Cruz de Leiria the ideal alter ego to realize the dream of resurrecting the vineyards of Quinta dos Cozinheiros, led in the past by the charismatic José Mendonça who unexpectedly left us in 2009 in a car accident. In 2015, grapes were harvested from utopian vineyards that were abandoned to produce two wines that aim to restore the Cooks’ memory with a natural approach and with a strong, wild, fluid and spontaneous personality. Two different batches, with a base of Baga (more (C2) or less (C1) old) and other red and white grape varieties in a cheerful co-fermentation in cement gave life to Figueira da Foz wines in the hands of new dynamic caregivers and talent, looking for expressive terroirs. In early 2017 they bought the vineyard in Serra de Montejunto to launch Coz’s Vital do Oeste, with old vines and a naked expression from the region.

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