Vale da Capucha

Pedro Marques

Family Quinta run by Pedro Marques, in the Torres Vedras area, 8 km from the sea, in a clay-limestone soil with a large amount of fossils and in a humid climate, with mild temperatures, suitable for white wines and delicate and fresh reds. Pedro, with the uneasiness of those who like to create, started to replant in 2006, when he took over the leadership of the project, which was started by his great brother who at the time had dedicated himself to productive red varieties and sold the wine in bulk in the taverns of the great Lisbon. Pedro drastically reduced the quantity, favored white grape varieties due to the attic climate, planting Viosinho, Arinto, Gouveio, Antão Vaz and Alvarinho, and progressively converted the 13 ha of vineyards into organic farming. To reinforce the character of their whites, they spend at least 2 winters in vats allowing to place a more accomplished wine in the bottle, with a good match between the volume of the mouth, the aromatic complexity and the acidity. A fresh wine wind blows in DOC Lisboa!

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