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Ricardo Palacios

Ricardo Tintin Palacios is a producer who has not lost the youthful freshness or the simplicity of his Riojan peasant origins and the company of donkeys and mules in his school house in Corullón did not make him lose his lucidity about humans and his humble vineyard condition. He likes live wines and bright company and maybe that’s why he always thought biodynamics was funny. A man of the slate and Mencia, he gives life to a region that was orphaned by a federative and innovative figure.

Descendants of large wine families from Rioja, Ricardo and his uncle Álvaro set out in search of forgotten vineyards in poorly recognized regions to make great wines. After the success achieved in Priorat (Catalonia) by Álvaro Palacios, namely with the mythical l’Ermita, Álvaro and Ricardo decided to venture into Bierzo in 1999. On the way to Compostela, the monks developed the culture of the vineyard and the Palaces went to fetch these traditions to add demanding agricultural practices, in a biodynamic line. Ricardo settled in Vilafranca del Bierzo where he created warm relationships with local farmers, taking advantage of local empirical knowledge. The driven dynamic is taking shape in the construction of a pedagogical farm, which will train producers in ecological and biodynamic agriculture.

The vineyard planted on very steep slopes, impossible to mechanize and working with mules and horses, has a schist soil and a humid and hot Atlantic climate. The Mencia variety (Jaen no Dão) is grown on 15 ha of vineyards in its own vineyards and the remaining grapes are purchased from local farmers and which make up a large part of Petalos wine, with a fruity, wild and pure essence with touches of bitter almond that mark the place. Corullón is a dense, mineral wine with an impressive intensity of aromas. They identified 4 plots that have been vinifying since 2001 as separate identities in the Burgundian way: San Martin, Moncerbal, Las Lamas and La Faraona.

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