Domaine des Entrefaux

François Tardy

François Tardy leads this family farm, created in 1979, in Chanos Curson na Drôme, which has been practicing organic farming since 1998 and more recently biodynamic, seeking through a more precise and natural viticulture to highlight the potential of its well-located vineyards. It grows 26 ha of vineyards with white grape varieties (Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne, Chardonnay) and the Syrah red grape variety, on stony alluvial soils such as hillsides or plateaus to dominant limestone (Les Pends, Les Machonnières). Gastronomer, he is also dedicated to the production of black truffle that he prepares in various ways, from jelly to stuffed with Brie cheese, and that he does not forget to share generously with his friends and customers.

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