Domaine Marechal

Catherine & Claude Marechal

Claude Marechal created the farm on the Côte de Beaune in 1981, but when we asked him where he learned to work in the vineyard he did not understand the question. I have always been born here, I plunged into the vine like Obelix in the magic potion. He is a bourguignon peasant of good variety, simple, available and always with a good story of humor to tell. It is in exchange with others that he considers that more is learned. Today the vineyard works in a natural inspiration with soils without pesticides, vinifies with indigenous yeasts and ages the wines between 12 and 18 months in barrels. The wines have a feminine character, with lightness, discrete tannins and great aromatic persistence, in an aerial profile. This couple’s wines represent a sweet and fresh style, with a good definition of each “climat” in this area of ​​Burgundy, which provides wines more focused on fruit and aromatic complexity. An always delicious meeting, with the producer and with the wines.

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