Lahaye Benoît

Valérie & Benoît Lahaye

Located in Bouzy, a village classified as Grand Cru in Montagne de Reims, this farm has 4.5 hectares mainly planted in Pinot Noir in the villages of Bouzy, Ambonnay and Tauxières, with vineyards between 25 and 30 years old. Benoît initially worked with the father who delivered the grapes to the local Adega Cooperativa before deciding to bottle directly in order to express inside the bottle the demanding work they do in the vineyard in order to obtain grapes with a confirmed local character. He works with his wife Valérie and adopted biodynamic agriculture after observing the positive results in the work of colleagues from Alsace and Burgundy. He explains his journey in viticulture with the simplicity of the land, saying that since then, the relationship with the vineyard has changed and confessing a special pleasure, unknown until then, of being in the vineyard working the land together with his mare Tamise, massive animal and tame. It explains its evolution in terms of viticulture with modesty and peasant common sense. Its Champagnes are fruity and contrary to the natural tendency of Bouzy’s potent terroir, it seeks to enhance the freshness and fineness and contain the powerful side that Pinot Noir gains usually in the area. The champagnes are vinified in used barrels and the malolactic is sought to not harden the wines and minimize the amount of sulphurous.

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