Quinta do Infantado

Família Roseira

João Roseira is the rock and roll producer in Portugal, warm and unpredictable, cultivating an anti-conformism and federating a more alternative world of wine, with a great opening with oenophiles, enjoying wine in a way that is simultaneously passionate, light and with emotions always at hand. In full bloom. The Roseira Family bought the farm located in Gontelho at the end of the 19th century and was the pioneer in 1979 in selling and exporting directly from the Douro without going through Vila Nova de Gaia. It has a heritage of old vineyards in the very coveted area of ​​Pinhão and produces a range of Ports in a very consistent medium-dry style, intended for the pleasures of fine dining that João celebrates with a goliárdico spirit. The DOC DOURO wines from the farm, with a more recent history, have their own stamp and of great quality, with Roseira wines and especially BIO having a unique freshness in the region.

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