Port tasting with Nouvelle Vague

Prova de Porto Nouvelle Vague

Tuesday, January 31st 2023

Place: Os Goliardos, Lisbon, Rua General Taborda 91


Tasting with Mateus Nicolaude Almeida from Ameztoy & Almeida and Quinta do Monte Xisto,

João Hoelzer from Quinta do Val Figueira,

Ricardo Nunes from Churchill’s

In an era in which we defend the local product and differentiating identity, Port wine, the Portuguese product of excellence that involved more research, experiences, investment and even more passion and madness, is doomed to be a product for tourists or to stand on the shelf for a Christmas cup?

Three small producers in Porto do experiments in a quest to produce ports with greater identity, with a historical reflection on their production and consumption, with changes in viticulture, winemaking and fortification, resistance of a wine world full of rules since the time of the Marquis of Pombal. In the country of fortified wines, little is known and little promotes something so special of our wine culture. It is important to value this living heritage, knowing and making known the Port Wine, the differences in style, and how we can integrate it into our gastronomic life, namely in the world of cuisine and natural wines. In this tasting, we are pleased to bring together a generous trio of producers to make us discover this Nouvelle Vague and the way they seek to evolve Port Wine.

The tasting is offered and with a limited number of participants. To register, just an email to golias.goliardos@gmail.com with the name of the interested participants

Prodotto aggiunto con successo.