Horácio Simões

Pedro Simões

Historic house in Palmela, started in 1910, just 3 years after the creation of the Moscatel Denomination of Origin, still keeping a family farm with two brothers, Pedro (with the best Portuguese wine growers’ sideburns) and Luís, to perpetuate the work started by José Carvalho Simões. Located in Quinta do Anjo, the vineyards benefit from a cooler climate than in the Sado area and from a clay-limestone soil that provides smoother maturation. In addition to the 5 ha that produce Moscatel de Setúbal, this producer is famous for being one of the few who believed in and bet on the potential of the Moscatel Roxo variety when it was on the verge of extinction. Today, it grows 2.5 ha from where Moscatel Roxo comes out of just one year, as well as a special batch of the best harvests of the 1990s (Moscatel Roxo Excellent). They are generous floral wines, with aromas of orange peels, honey, which combine well with traditional Portuguese sweets and the famous Azeitão cheeses.

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