Alex Foillard

Alex Foillard

Alex Foillard’s first wines leave us optimistic about a new generation in the region, with a spicy mood, partying until dawn and consistent work in the vineyard and cellar, with the wines reflecting the good mix.
Perpetuating a frank and well-drank family line, Alex studied first at Montpellier and did an internship in Burgundy in the Côtes de Nuits and in Australia “pour voir du pays”, as they say in France. He had a rare experience of producing wines in Japan and, in 2015, decided to return to his native Beaujolais to produce his own wines under the influence of the family style. He set his foot on Brouilly and Côtes de Brouilly to find his own way and not step on the same granite and shale as his parents. In Brouilly Mountain, in 2017, he started to lift the Gamay berries towards the light, opening with the plow new sources of greedy and complete wines, highlighting the Brouillys on the map of the Beaujolais crus.
He grows 2 ha of vineyards in the two crus and completes the range with the purchase of grapes in organic farming to produce a sweet Beaujolais villages from old vines from 70 years old cultivated in a more sandy soil. The Côte de Brouilly comes from a part exposed to the North, planted in a shale and granite soil with a light superficial sandy layer. Brouilly originates from a portion also exposed to the North in shallow granite soil where the parent rock is more at the surface. Both ferment in cement vats using the traditional semi-carbonic fermentation technique “Beaujolaise”. Cotes de Brouilly is aging in cement while Brouilly is aging partly in used wood partly in cement.

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