Augalevada – Garrido

Augalevada - Garrido

Iago is part of a new generation of Galician winegrowers who participate in a very stimulating dynamic in the Iberian wine scene. In a historic area of ​​the European vineyard – Ribeiro was the region of greatest European production in the century. XIX – that suffered a lot from the rural exodus and where viticulture fell into abandonment, especially in areas that are difficult to mechanize, there are new players that make terroir wines emerge, with viticulture and vinification that is inspired by biological and biodynamic methods.
The name Augalevada comes from a river that flows inside his farm, and Iago Garrido had a charm when he discovered for sale the 4 ha of land behind the San Clódio Monastery, in the northern part of DO Ribeiro, at the foot of the River Avia in the Rioboó area . Graduated in agricultural engineering, Iago, influenced by permaculture, decided to plant 2.5 hectares of terraced vineyards, pioneering the forest that invaded the farm. After initially planting the majority grape varieties from the Godello and Treixadura zones, he was a little disappointed with the monolithic side of the wines and then re-grafted less favored grape varieties in the area such as Lado, Agudelo in white, Sousón, Caiño de la tierra in red to gain complexity and diversity. It also collaborates with local wine growers in the Arnoia, Avia and Miño riverside areas to produce wines from the Mercenario range. Very intuitive and free, it vinifies in stainless steel vats and buried carvings and ages the wines partly in carvings and partly in barrels used for 8 to 10 months.
Iago makes wines in a very intuitive way, he is curious to take risks, to try ways of doing (macerating or not, aging in buried amphoras,….), Without being paralyzed by the orthodox criteria of oenology or the impositions of the pseudo market. His pure, generous, attentive attitude makes him a key player in promoting wines in a region that other Galician winegrowers like Jose Luis Mateo consider to have the greatest potential and not revealed within Galicia.

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