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Juan Diez Bulnes recently decided to make honest and quality wines from the vineyards that his grandfather, Vincente Alvarez-Villamil, a visionary doctor planted when he bought the farm in 1923. We are at the foot of the Sierra de Gredos, in San Martin de Valdeiglesias, in the Southwest of Madrid, a wine-growing region to be discovered. Marc Isart is the responsible winemaker and, with the support of Curro, grows 35 ha of old vineyards of Garnacha, Albillo, Moscatel de Grano Menudo and Tinta Morenillo. Viticulture respects the terroir and seeks to enhance the expressions of each plot, with ecological and biodynamic practices. The Navaherreros and Cantocuerdas wines are blended wines and 3 plots are chosen to make red wines from “finca”: Arroyo del Tórtolas, a portion of granitic soil exposed to the North with an average age of 65 years and an altitude of 800 meters, “Carril del Rey ”, an 80-year-old vineyard exposed to the south in slightly deeper granitic soil and“ Viña Bonita ”an 80-year-old plot located on the part above the slope in a more compact granitic soil than the previous ones at an altitude of 700 meters. Marc Isart explores the potential of this area with passion and demand, travels to other vineyards to progress and understand his vineyard even better. It transmits dream and consistency, in a frank and stimulating approach, in a pioneering project that deserves our full attention.

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