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Eloi Cedó Perelló

Eloi Cedó Perelló, originally from Monstant in mainland Catalonia, is a winemaker who could remind you of an actor in 1960’s Italian films. Theatrically, he recounts the adventure of wine production on the island of Mallorca, which began in 2010 as an utopian venture to produce and exchange wines between farmers in the area. As a tribute to his mother Paqui, he called Bodega Château Paquita to offer her a castle that she deserved. While he began his adventure, he worked at the same time in the 4 kilos bodega with Sergi Caballero and Francesc Grimalt, who initially provided him with the grapes to make his first productions and helped him get off the ground. Today he cultivates according to biodynamic principles several micro plots which he accesses with his Renault Twingo in the villages of Felanitx, Santa Margalida, Porreres and Consell in the eastern part of the island, on a ferrous clay soil typical of the island called Cal vermell, with the indigenous grape varieties Callet, Fogoneus, Manto Negro and Garnatxa peluda. Today, he makes wine in the cellar of his friend Cati Ribot, with whom he collaborates on wine production. A subtle and sensitive person, Eloi expresses a warm, fluid personality in his wine, close to a peasant’s approach to viticulture. Natural winemaking reflects his way of living. Despite having faced several family sorrows in recent years, compensated for by the birth of his daughter Rita, who brings light, Eloi maintains a warmth and good humor that impose respect.
A fan of light, digestive wines, he favors soft materials and freshness in wines with a clear Mediterranean flavour and transmits an involvement with the land he cultivates that moves us.

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