Immich Batterieberg

Gernot Kollmann

Historical farm of the “Mittel Mosel” whose origin has been traced since 911 in the possession of monks from a Carolingian abbey, was acquired in 1495 by the Immich family, who developed a classic style of dry wines for 500 years. After a more modern interval between 1989 and 2007 at the hands of a new owner, Gernot Kollmann with two partners acquired in 2009 this farm that had gone bankrupt in 2007 in order to restore the classic style that made the farm famous. They benefit from an incredible plant heritage with 80% of the vineyards planted in free standing and over 60 years old. The name Batterieberg (dynamite mountain) comes from the dynamite work that Carl August Immich carried out between 1841 and 1845 to create terraces like in the Douro. Batterieberg is today a 1.1 ha monopoly on the farm with gray schist soil and coarse stones within the Zeppwingert plot. Gernot seeks to develop a classic style that expresses the nuances of each terroir, in a slow vinification in used wood, with the use of sulfur dioxide as late as possible in the reducing stage on the lias. It produces two blend wines: CAI in honor of Carl August Immich that brings together the newest vines, the lower part of Batterieberg and the purchase of grapes from free-standing vines around the village of Enkirch and the Escheburg that would be a selection of the 4 crus that vinifies separately: Steffensberg, behind the village of Enkirch in a side valley, more sunny and with a deeper soil, Ellergrub with a blue schist soil that gives wines with a lot of character, Zeppwingert which is located to the right of the monopoly Batterieberg.

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