Les Trois Petiotes

Valérie Godelu

Valérie and Denis Godelu worked in the financial world. Dissatisfied and looking for new horizons, they approached wine to get drunk and gain more height over the world. In February 2008, after some stages in larger wineries, they jumped for a personal adventure on the right bank of Bordeaux, in the Côtes de Bourg where they acquired 3 small parcels (the “3 Petiotes” or 3 small ones) in a total of 3 ha, singular coincidence that reflects the 3 little daughters they had at the same time.
The 3 ha of Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc are cultivated by hand on a clay-limestone plateau using biological methods. Vinifications are natural and aim to produce digestive wines that reflect the terroir, giving (re) -discover the style that made Bordeaux famous before the modern wave of the 1980-1990s.

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