Farm with 3 ha of vineyards spread over 12 plots in the Sales area, near Trieste, in a wine territory called Carso, a region historically confronted and mixed between Austro-Hungarian, Slavic and Mediterranean culture. In natural terms, the Carso is under the influence of the strong wind called Bora, from the sea to the horizon and the limestone soil that regulate the expression of the vineyard. Like many wine-growing regions, polyculture dominated until recently, viticulture accompanying the production of milk, cereals, vegetables and the raising of animals for meat and ham. In the post-war years Matej’s grandfather bought this farm, which with the help of “osmizia”, a rural restoration structure inherited from the time of the Austro-Hungarian empire, a kind of tavern where snacks and wines produced on the farm were served, he managed to sell part of the wine to customers, at a time when the wine was not bottled. In the 1990s, Matej’s father created an agri-tourism structure to be able to receive guests and it was only in 2004 that Matej and his sister started bottling the production, deepening an even more natural approach with maceration and wines they want to return the special terroir they cultivate in a natural way. They produce 3 wines: Vitovska and Malvasia in white, Terrano in red, fermented and aged in tunnels for 2 years. The whites are macerated but have an expression of their own that differs from the classifications of white wines and oranges, while the red is alive and goes well with the local sausages served on the farm, always generously.

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