We are Goliards

Our project was born from our passion for wine and our visits to winegrowers in different countries. At the moment, we have visited over 500 winegrowers in Portugal, France, Spain and Italy. They are our teachers and the source of our enthusiasm. 

The company was founded in 2005 by 3 partners (Nadir Bensmail, Silvia Mourão Bastos and Manuel Beja). We promote diversity, knowledge, exchange, learning, get-togethers and contact with the winegrowers.

We see wine as a linking product between the winegrowers and the vines, that is specific to each region. It is the fruit of the history of civilisations for warm and merry celebrations. We promote diversity, knowledge, exchange, learning, get-togethers and contact with the winegrowers.


We are greedy, curious and demanding explorers.

We love wine, drinks, etc.

We are Goliards. 


  • We sell wines that we select during our expeditions to different regions and different winegrowers,      that are competitive price and quality-wise..
  •  We import wines from different countries directly from the winegrowers, that are very original and well-recognized by the wine-lovers of these countries. Ex: Champagnes, Sauternes, Chianti, Piemonte, Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Alsace wines, Bourgogne, Bordeaux, Syrah from the Rhône Valley,… 
  • We train amateurs and professionals in the wine area.
  • We offer our services in the catering business: making out wine menus to suit the food menus, selecting wines for weddings, dinner parties, etc.
  • We organize wine-linked events: wine tastings with explanations for groups in different languages, get-togethers between amateurs and winegrowers, various events (Beaujolais Nouveau,…)
  • We manage and organize the activities in the wine cellar/bar “Os Goliardos”, where you can come and discover a weekly selection of glasses or bottles of wine, sit inside or outside in our courtyard and buy wine to take back home with you.
  • We lead the Goliards’ Academy, a wine club in which each member receives a monthly or quarterly selection of different wines from our cellar, with a full description of each wine, in order to learn while drinking.


We like to get drunk on wine, poetry and virtue.

We were born 1000 years ago in the Middle Ages, in various European universities. But we spent more time wandering from tavern to tavern throughout Europe than in class. We lived off rich people’s alms while writing poetry – that some would call erudite, others old-fashioned – to claim free love and debauchery and object to social order; with wine and for the love of wine.

We can’t even remember why we are called Goliards…:

Maybe because we are fond of Goliath … the “baddy” in the biblical story…

Or maybe because we are Gulosus (Greedy in Latin)…


Times can change, but our fancies don’t…

Nowadays we travel from cellar to cellar throughout other countries, discovering wines from different horizons, looking for diversity and at the same time singularity in each wine. We look for winegrowers with a deep soul, who conduct orchestras of scents and flavours, in symbiosis with the soil. 


Around a table, while swirling a glass of wine, we give time time, we give the wine time to reveal itself. And while we celebrate our acquaintance with a new wine, that is finally able to come out of it’s bottle for its grand and unique performance, we tell drunken stories and dream of a warm-hearted world where men enjoy life, laugh as they like, get up with a smile, in order to reveal a sensitive intelligence, inventing each wine with care.


In this goliardic party, where the door is open to all open-minded people, we discover the new and the different, without prejudice. We exchange wine against virtue – old, new, traditional, diabolic, pure, from the North or the South, in or out of fashion, from here and there – nothing matters except virtue !!!


Half-cut (already tipsy), we raise our glasses with different wines, different friends, old friends and new friends.


We like wine, having a drink, etc.

We are Goliards.

Is a Goliard, whoever wishes to be.