We are Goliards

The Project
We were living in Paris until 2005, where a big chunk of our time was devoted to wine, visiting producers in different countries, tasting, drinking. The warm encounters with these special producers (both human and viticulturally) are the our greatest masterclass and the reason for our enthusiasm. When our free time wasn’t enough anymore, we decided to create Os Goliardos in Lisbon, where we had sunlight, family and friends. In 2005 Nadir Bensmail, Sílvia Mourão Bastos and Manuel Amaral Beja opened the company with the objective of promoting wine fairly, within its european diversity, through its craftsmanship, a natural approach and the close relationship with each producer.
From there, we started having a variety of activities that still take place today, just because we are Goliards and we have an undeniable will to make new things – always with the motivation of promoting a wider more truthful wine world.

2005 – The opening of our courses for the open wineded and the curious, creating a network of Goliards that frequently weren’t related to the wine industry but were sensitive in regards to the spirit of the group, its ethics and knowledgeability.
2006 – The opening of the Os Goliardos bar in Lisbon, where we could create an environment for a type of wines that until then were frowned upon in the Lisbon wine context. It was a tiny cute place, next to Praça da Alegria, where quirky encounters and great parties took place.
2007 – The opening of the Goliardos’ Academy, with our monthly proposals to discover the world of wine, brought to your door.
2008 – The beginning of the 1001 Nights /OU the Arabian Nights (titulo das 1001 noites em ingles) with theme tastings.
2009 – The creation of the Amalgam group, which gathers many producers with wine professionals in different areas, willing to debate over a variety of themes.
2010 – The first Vinho ao Vivo (The European Terroir Festival), co-produced with A Margem.
2011 – The beginning of our wine collection which we named Uvelhas Negras (wordplay which means a crossing of something like black sheep and the dark colored grapes). These wines are crafted together with producers as an attempt to experiment the making of a more Goliardic wine, fresh and diverse, made in small quantities.
2013 – We lived in Barolo (Italy) for a year in order to learn more about viticulture and vinification by an in loco study about with the producers who we value the most. From there, we created a yearly event called Vini Corsari, which is co-produced with Cantina G. Rinaldi and gathers 30 different european producers.
2014 – The closing of our Bar, motivated by the will to have more time to spend dedicating ourselves to other areas, such as distribution and wine consulting in many restaurants and bars in Lisbon.
2015 – The development of our exports within Spain and Italy, via local partners… Goliards from abroad.
Goliards will never be in cruising speed as that is not our nature.
What we do
We Commercialise wines, selected with criteria after our expeditions to different regions and producers, managing to get attractive prices for each range of wines.
We Import wines of different countries, directly from the producers. These wines are original and most of them exclusive in Portugal.
We Export wines to Spain, France, Italy through partners who share our taste for wines with terroir.
Wine Courses: We train both amateurs and professionals in the business by doing fun and engaging gatherings.
We Distribute wines to restaurants and bars which look for singularity in their selection and we happily give advice when it comes to producing a wine list that should be adapted to their specific food menu. We also select wines for the catering sector, such as weddings, conferences, etc.
We Organise Events related to wine: Group tastings and tutorials in many different languages; amateur gatherings with producers; a variety of parties. All orbiting around authentic wines.
We Cheer Up the Goliards Academy, a wine club in which each academician periodically receives a diversified selection of european characterful wines.
We Produce the Vinho ao Vivo event: The European Terroir Festival occurs in July in co-production with A Margem, gathering 35 wine producers in Lisbon, who come to show their work to the public.
We Produce the Vini Corsari event: At the end of November, in the town of Barolo, Italy, we gather 30 european producers. This project is co-produced with Cantina Giuseppe Rinaldi.
We Create the UVELHAS NEGRAS Wine Collection, crafted by a variety of producers, together with Os Goliardos during the vinification process.

The team
Nadir Bensmail
Goliardic Commander-in-Chief, Managing-Partner, responsible for the management and selection of the wines.
He was born in 1975 in Oran and brought up in Toulouse. His passion for wine led him to abandon his blurry idea of pursuing a career as an economist in Paris. Then, he created Os Goliardos and promised never to drink water again. An eloquent man who also has a thirsty will to investigate the depth of things, unifying the wisdoms of the East and the West – this is why we call him the Grand Vizier.
Sílvia Mourão Bastos
Goliardic-Mama, Managing-Partner, responsible for the tutorials, courses, tastings, events and marketing.
She was born in the year of 1973, in the city of Lisbon, where she grew up and made herself a woman before studying Sociology. The restlessness and the will to know different cultures made her travel and live abroad for many years, in Holland and France. Upon her visits to small wine producers in many countries she discovered a world of utopia. She came back to her roots in order to create Os Goliardos, to promote the vineyard and the wine culture with sensibility and humanism beyond borders and without silly nationalisms. She is our tutor and spokesperson, and she does it with an effortlessly powerful and warm tone.
João Mendes
Stockroom-Manager, he is the guardian of the hidden gems.
He joined the team in 2010 when he finally understood that the amount of Os Goliardos wines that he drank, he’d be better off joining the team. Restless with his wine-box-carrying techniques, he is our Sheriff and he knows how to transmit the Goliardic wave to those who cross his path. A cowboy with bottles in either side of him instead of Colts, he will light your fire just the same.
Manuel Amaral Beja
Referee-Partner, he doesn’t work at Os Goliardos but that does not mean he drinks less than the three above. With his flying eagle eye, he is the invisible member who is irreplaceable in his support over the management strategies. He understands that Os Goliardos is more of a lifestyle than a business, and he only does so because he is a good hedonist.

We like to get drunk on wine, poetry and virtue.
We were born 1000 years ago in the Middle Ages, in various European universities. But we spent more time wandering from tavern to tavern throughout Europe than in class. We lived off rich people’s alms while writing poetry – that some would call erudite, others old-fashioned – to claim free love and debauchery and object to social order; with wine and for the love of wine.

We can’t even remember why we are called Goliards…:
Maybe because we are fond of Goliath … the “baddy” in the biblical story…
Or maybe because we are Gulosus (Greedy in Latin)…
Times can change, but our fancies don’t…
Nowadays we travel from cellar to cellar throughout other countries, discovering wines from different horizons, looking for diversity and at the same time singularity in each wine. We look for winegrowers with a deep soul, who conduct orchestras of scents and flavours, in symbiosis with the soil. 
Around a table, while swirling a glass of wine, we give time time, we give the wine time to reveal itself. And while we celebrate our acquaintance with a new wine, that is finally able to come out of it’s bottle for its grand and unique performance, we tell drunken stories and dream of a warm-hearted world where men enjoy life, laugh as they like, get up with a smile, in order to reveal a sensitive intelligence, inventing each wine with care.
In this goliardic party, where the door is open to all open-minded people, we discover the new and the different, without prejudice. We exchange wine against virtue – old, new, traditional, diabolic, pure, from the North or the South, in or out of fashion, from here and there – nothing matters except virtue !!!
Half-cut (already tipsy), we raise our glasses with different wines, different friends, old friends and new friends.
We like wine, having a drink, etc.
We are Goliards.
Is a Goliard, whoever wishes to be.