Clos des Vignes du Maynes

Julien Guillot

Clos created by the monks of Cluny in 910 (Maynes means Moines in old French), at the same time as the creation of the Abbey of Cluny by the Duke d’Aquitaine. Owned by the Lords of the Castle of Cruzille, the farm belonged to five generations of peasants before being acquired by Jeanne and Pierre Guillot in 1952 and from the beginning organic farming and natural winemaking were chosen, due to an intolerance to the sulfurous of Pierre. Son Alain, promoted the first organic farming contract, and now his grandson Julien, with a theatrical background, who has led the farm since 2001, continues this natural philosophy, extending this rare natural heritage with the biodynamic practices he implemented after observing the evolution of the soil in contiguous plots tomorrow according to the organic or biodynamic methods. The red wines are vinified in semi-carbonic maceration without sulfur, in the style similar to the neighboring Beaujolais, the whites in large volumes of wood with a little sulfur following the press, to avoid bacterial deviations, and breathe without picking up an excessive amount of wood.

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