Domaine Matassa

Tom Lubbe

We could say that Tom Lubbe is the double face of neighbor Jean-Louis Tribouley: the first is serene, massive, with a British sense of humor despite being South African, the second is temperamental, barefoot at fairs, with a sense of humor from Rabelais. What they have in common: Tom and Jean-louis are not producers of the area and in the wine field, they contribute to reveal the immense potential of this region of Val do Agly. Tom’s arrival in the area also reflects the attractiveness of this area, which has a diversity of soils and micro-climates that make it possible to produce wines with great variety and great uniqueness. Tom has his own farm where he produces Matassa, Romanissa and Marguerite wines, fresh, mineral despite the heat of the region and also accompanies the wines produced at the Domaine de Majas. He is a humble person, very grateful for the interest that his wines arouse and who works in a precise way, applying the biodynamic principles, without approximations, in a natural and rigorous line.

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