Domaine Pierre Frick

Pierre Frick

A wine family for 12 generations, Chantal and Pierre Frick, now supported by their son Thomas, cultivate 12 hectares of vineyards, in a mosaic of terroirs of dominant limestone around Pfaffenheim. Union activist, ecologist and anti-nuclear since the late 1970s, explored a new way of approaching viticulture through biodynamic practices, under the influence of German and Swiss examples, and already in the late 1990s they made the first wines without any sulfur dioxide added. In the view of this producer, wine production is a militant, cultural and hedonistic act and the wines reveal a freedom of spirit associated with a precision that allows them to age in harmony. Bergweingarten, Steinert, Rot murlé, Strangenberg, Vorburg take on a magical connotation. The natural dimension is enriched by the sensitivity and poetry that transpires from Chantal and Pierre, placing the wine at the crossroads of thoughts and elevations, with humor and pleasure.

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