Menina d’Uva

Aline Domingues
Planalto Mirandês

An inevitable destiny of this land in the Mirandese Plateau called Uva to attract the return to the roots of a girl who renames her grape and shines her wine.
Menina d’Uva is a very recent project by Aline Domingues who decides to leave Paris where she grew up and was a biologist to settle in the Uva village where her parents come from, to dedicate herself to rebuilding a heritage of old vineyards and making wines that reflect the identity of the place of origin, with natural and artisanal viticulture and winemaking, resulting in delicate wines and simultaneously with energy. We visited Aline in March in her peaceful and distant village, on the edge of the Trás-os-Montes lands. Aline challenges the local ideas of working on the land using preparations and not disturbing the soil, with an arid landscape populated by Pombais and mirandeses donkeys, where about 60 inhabitants live, mostly aged to be their parents or grandparents who have rejuvenated in the last year with a new association for the defense of traditional lofts. With a shy and equally resilient personality, he goes step by step and with many adventures managing to make progress in the qualitative work he wants to achieve and it is with great satisfaction that we launched his wines in Lisbon in 2019, produced in very small quantities, and which certainly deserve to be known.

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