Nicolas Mariotti Bindi

Nicolas Mariotti Bindi

A law graduate, Nicolas was destined to pursue a career as a lawyer, when his beautiful island of Corsica led him astray and suddenly found his true destiny and dream: to be a wine grower. After graduating from Beaujolais and Patrimonio with the pioneers of the region Antoine Arena and Muriel Giudicelli, he had the help of another producer, Orenga de Gaffory to acquire his first 5 ha of vineyards and start producing in 2007.

Today he grows 15 ha of vineyards in the North of the Island, tomorrow in organic farming, with 4 distinct terroirs:

– Mursuglia with a 1-ha vine of Niellucciu (Sangiovese in Italy) and Vermentinu, in a limestone-limestone soil exposed to the east, planted in 2009;

– Porcellese: a 3.5 ha Niellucciu vineyard, planted in 1966 on a land of alluvium and corners with very low yields, was one of the first vineyards acquired

– Lumiu, a Vermentinu vineyard exposed to the south in a clayey-limestone soil

– Carcu consisting of several plots planted in 1970, 1996 and 2009, exposed to the North, which supplies the grapes of the Cantina di Torre wine line.

Like many islanders, he is a boy who has an introverted and wild first approach, a little bear, the warm side loosens after the observation phase, when distrust is eased. He found in the designation of origin Patrimonio a beautiful heritage of vineyards and an area blessed by the Mediterranean and the mountains that surround it, to dedicate himself to producing indomitable and rooted wines like the inhabitants of this island.

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